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Here you will find information material for your office and for addressing your patients.

Professional tooth whitening treatments at the dentist offer many opportunities to increase patient satisfaction with their teeth. In addition to the purely cosmetic aspects of tooth whitening, pathological discoloration and the associated psychological problems can in many cases be eliminated with a medical tooth whitening.

In addition, teeth whitening is very interesting, especially in connection with other dental services such as dentures and tooth corrections.

To simplify the dialogue with your patients, fläsh offers some aids for your practice: the patient brochure shows the possible combinations of treatments. The entire content of the patient brochure can also be found in the patients area of this website.

Dental treatment and tooth whitening: a great combination!

Tooth whitening before dental restoration

To create a tooth-colored restoration, your dentist reconstructs your natural teeth, for example with fillings, inlays, crowns, or implants. The color of the dental restoration cannot be changed later. This is why the teeth should first be whitened and the restoration then produced to match. For a radiant smile and an attractive overall look.

Tooth whitening after orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment for adults helps to ensure the proper function and alignment of your teeth. fläsh tooth whitening at the end of the treatment restores your youthful, bright tooth color in just 1 hour. The perfect conclusion to successful treatment.

Single tooth whitening

Individual discolored teeth can impair the overall impact of your smile as well as your dental health. fläsh can also be used to whiten individual teeth.

Show your patient his new smile!

Take a look with your patient to see what his new smile will look like! With the fläsh teeth whitening app you can see the result even before the treatment.

The app simulates the brightening of new photos or photos from the smartphone gallery.

• Precise and easy grasping of the teeth

• Customizable brightness simulation

• Automatic detection of lighting conditions

• Save photos

• Before / after comparison

• Share photos via email, Facebook or Twitter

For Android and iPhone in the Google Playstore and iTunes Store.

Direct before – after comparison

Office display

High-quality acrylic stand with changing motifs for your counter or waiting room area.

Office poster

Classic poster in various formats for the entrance, waiting or treatment area.


Office brochures

Our informative patient brochure for display and delivery to your patients.

Office rollup

High quality rollup for installation in your practice. Approximately dimensions 1 m x 2 m.